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September 16, 2015 Special Town Meeting/ATV & board meeting

Special Town Meeting
September 16, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Froeba. There were 6 Town residents, the board members, and one Town business owner present. There were 4 City of Loyal residents and Adam Hannah, Warden from the DNR.

J. Froeba reported on the cost of signs that would be required. Cost would be $ 37.50 per sign not including labor costs. He estimated approximately 36 signs would be necessary.

D. Geier from the City would like an ATV route on Willard Road to access the Rock Dam trail and also to the gun club on Chickadee Rd. B. Duell asked how the town residents would benefit from a city route to the gun club if Bluebird Ave would not be opened.

A. Hannah stated there is no legal way to have a route to Rock Dam as it would have to go over Hwy M. He stated that most Towns have routes as opposed to all the roads open to ATV/UTV, snowmobile traffic. Traffic is not allowed on State or County Highways. The game warden hotline would follow up complaints on the town roads if there were issues. J. Kennedy asked him about speed limits. He stated they are difficult to enforce. Most are 35 miles per hour. The whole route must be designated with signage that has arrows to designate direction. J. Froeba stated that more signs would be required than his original estimate. There is no grant money available for signs as they are not connecting to a trail. UTVs could be included in an ordinance. ATV/UTVs are not approved for transportation but are allowed for transporting Agricultural implements on roads. Registration for public use would be needed for ATV/ UTVs if town roads were opened for their use.
L. Esselman stated the river prevents crossing to the trail. B. Duell stated the City would need to open more routes. K. Santilli asked why the City has not given the Town any proposed routes. D. Geier stated the City is waiting for the Town. A. Hannah stated the City can develop a route as they do with snowmobile trails by getting permission to go over private land. He further stated that snowmobiles do less damage to top soil than ATVs.
B. Duell asked if the City doesn’t decide would the Town open to ATVs independently? D. Lindner stated he would like to travel on the roads and not worry about getting a ticket. E. Roehl stated 4-5 ATVs can cause a lot of trouble on the roads. After asking for any further comments The meeting was adjourned by Chairman Froeba.
K. Santilli,clerk

Town Board Meeting
September 16, 2015

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Froeba. All board members present. The minutes were reviewed and approved after a motion by G. Santilli that was seconded by E. Roehl.

E. Roehl asked if the culvert by the Putrus residence was cleaned out ? J. Froeba stated that the dirt needs to be leveled.

The resolution of support to improve Broadband Access in Clark county was reviewed and approved after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by E. Roehl. The fire department mutual aid resolution was discussed. There is not clarity if the town board needs to support this or only the fire department board. Could someone from the fire department come to a meeting and explain this to the town board and residents?

There were no new building permits. E. Roehl stated a building for a school was moved onto the Enus Hersberger residence on Miller Ave. A garage is being built at N9450 Owen. J. Froeba and G. Santilli will discuss with residents.
The monthly financial report was distributed by D. Odeen.
Invoices were reviewed and approved for payment after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by E. Roehl.

There will be two closed session board meetings to interview applicants for the patrolman position. The first will be Wednesday September 23 at 7:00pm and the second Thursday September 24th at 6:00pm. The regular board meeting will be October 14, 2015.
The meeting was adjourned after a motion by E. Roehl and seconded by G. Santilli.
K. Santilli, clerk


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