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June 15, 2016 Board meeting minutes

Board Meeting
June 15, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Froeba. The May minutes were reviewed and accepted after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded ny E. Roehl.

John Ross, Clark County Emergency Management presented the plan to upgrade the public radio network to include placement of a tower on the Greenwood Sanitary property. The current tower is inadequate to support upgrades needed. The tower setbacks are to the zoning code. The tower will be 300 ft. with a lighted top. The town will need to amend the zoning code to comply with revised WI. State statutes. This should be completed by the next monthly meeting. J. Froeba will contact the attorney.

Denny Suda requests a stop sign be placed on Mann Rd and Romadka. He also reports that the shrubs on east Meridian and 26 Rd. are again overgrown and blocking visability.
Dawn Weyer reports that Cardinal Ave has a wash out after the heavy rain and Miller Ave has a hole at the culvert No. of 26 Rd.
J. Froeba states that some grading wa s done today and will continue tomorrow.

The Willard road repairs request for bids need to be specific as TRIP funds are to be used.

The treasurer financial statement was distributed. The bills were reviewed and approved for payment. There were 2 plots sold in Pine Grove Cemetery.

J. Froeba states he will speak to Hap Weyer as he is grading Cardinal Ave. If this continues after this notice the Sheriff will be notified.
The interviews for the patrolman applicants will be June 22, 2016at 1pm.

The next monthly meeting will be Tuesday July 19. The meeting was adjourned after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by E. Roehl.
K. Santilli, clerk


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