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July 19, 2017 July 19 2017 Meeting Minutes

Town Board Meeting
July 19, 2017
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Zvolena. The posting was verified. The June 21 meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by L. Plaskey.
Public Comments: It was brought up that the south corner of Meridian and Chickadee is eroding away again by the culvert. Also, Dale Wolf wishes to be put on the list for a culvert replacement by his field on Chickadee. It was also brought up that the weeds around the sidewalks and yard at the town hall should be mowed and kept up better. Donna Odeen offered to help out with the yard.
Discussion of request of driveway access from Chickadee onto City lots: The Board felt it was the City’s responsibility to decide if it will permit a culvert for the person who is interested in buying the lots from them.
The new building permit was reviewed and accepted after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by L. Plaskey.
In regard to the fuel tank inspection, J. Zvolena will contact the inspector to find out what safety issues need to be done to comply with regulations.
Culvert issues on Meridian and Miller were discussed – the replacements have been approved by the county. The board reviewed culvert bids and decided to get bids for extra help in replacing them as well as bids on repairing softs spots on Romadka and Willard road. Willard road will need to be done as soon as possible as it will get a lot of use as Hwy 98 is being closed on the west edge of the city due to re-construction of the road.
Pavement ratings are due in December. L. Plaskey will help the patrolman with this.
Zoning – building permits. Two permits were purchased. One for new home construction and one for a new barn roof.
The financial report was distributed by the treasurer. All invoices were reviewed and approved for payment after a motion by L. Plaskey and seconded by G. Santilli. Motion carried.
The next board meeting will be Monday, August 14. Meeting adjourned after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by J. Zvolena.
K. Wolf, Clerk


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