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July 15, 2015 Town Board Meeting

Town Board Meeting
July 15,2015

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Froeba. The posting was verified. All board members were present. D. Odeen absent. The June minutes and corrected May minutes were reviewed and accepted after a motion by G. Santilli which was seconded by E. Roehl.

D. Suda complained of large stones on Meridian and other town roads. He also states the roads are not as well maintained and feels this is due to the additional workload of the patrolman such as the ditch work and dust proofing. He feels the patrolman will need additional hired help at times.
V. Putrus requests that the ditch west of his driveway needs clearing out . He also feels some roads have become too wide.

There was discussion of opening all the town roads to ATVs. There will be a special town meeting called before the September 16, 2015 meeting. It will be noticed in the TRG prior so all interested residents can voice their opinions. J. Froeba would also like to have the Clark County Sheriff and the DNR representative. V. Putris voiced that the roads should also be opened to snowmobiles and UTVs also.

There was discussion on keeping all board members informed when and where gravel is being placed. E. Roehl questioned why decomposed halder granite is not being placed vs. the large stones that are not 5/8 size. There is wide variance of the material on the roads. He further states the town had better roads with 5/8 granite and it is what he and G. Santilli prefer. Rock Creek is still stony. The board agrees that decomposed 5/8 Halder granite should be used and holes dug out. G. Santilli feels road inspections by the board should continue. Crushed granite will be on Poplar for a trial.

The bills were reviewed. There was discussion on keeping track of loads of gravel placed compared to the tickets at the end of the day. The patrolman is in the grader so there may need to be a checker for this. G. Santilli stated there needs to be cooperation and trust between the vendors and the board. Stated he has not seen anything to not trust. The bills were approved for payment after a motion by E. Roehl and seconded by G. Santilli. E. Roehl will get propane bids for the upcoming year. The financial report prepared by the treasurer was distributed.

The next monthly meeting will be August 19. The meeting was adjourned after a motion by E. Roehl and seconded by G. Santilli.

K. Santilli, clerk


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