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April 19, 2017 Board meeting minutes

Town Board Meeting
April 19,2017

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Zvolena. The minutes were reviewed and accepted after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by L. Plaskey.

Tim Voight from Rural Mutual Insurance gave an insurance update and reviewed the policies for the board members.

Larry Eggman asked if there are bids placed for insurance coverage. There was discussion that bids are not required and Rural Mutual has specialized coverage for towns.
S. Bugar voiced her concerns regarding the discussion of road limits to control traffic during the Hwy 98 construction. G. Santilli stated that the board doesn’t intend to restrict local businesses.
B. Duell asked about dust proof application. J. Zvolena stated he has received multiple requests to have commercial application of dust proofing this year.
Hap Weyer had safety concerns regarding the patrolman driving in sandals and bringing his dog to the town hall.

The request for gravel bids was reviewed by the board. The clerk will post and publish the notice. All vendors who submitted bids last year will also be sent a copy along with the bid application.

There was discussion by the board of truck traffic avoiding the detour and using town roads. J. Zvolena stated some towns are posting a B notice to keep extra truck traffic of their roads in May and June. There was discussion of this and the inability to monitor / enforce any restrictions. G. Santilli stated in his opinion this was problematic and how would a variance be determined. He made a motion to take no action as there is not enough information regarding repercussions and consequences. All agree.

The financial report was distributed. The BMO Harris branch in Loyal will be closing on June 23. D. Odeen would like to keep the accounts at BMO and would like to use the branch in Neillsville. G. Santilli made a motion to keep the accounts at BMO and this was seconded by L. Plaskey. Motion carried.
The clerk position was not accepted by the majority write in candidate, K. Santilli after the election. The other write in candidates also declined.
K. Santilli will accept an appointment as interim clerk for 2 months while a new clerk is sought. A help wanted ad will be placed. L. Plaskey made a motion to appoint K. Santilli as interim clerk and this was seconded by G. Santilli.

The bills were reviewed and approved for payment after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by L. Plaskey.

The next board meeting will be May 10, at 7:30pm to open gravel bids and dust proof quotes. The regular board meeting will be May 17. Also at the new time of 7:30pm. The Board of Review and Open book will be May 31, from 4 -6pm for Open Book and 6-8pm for the Board of Review.

Meeting was adjourned after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by L. Plaskey.
K. Santilli, clerk


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