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Town Board Meeting
June 21,2017
The meeting was called to order by Chairman Zvolena. The posting was verified. The May 17
meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by L.
Public Comments: Dawn Weyer brought up concerns regarding the dustproofing and a
neighbor personally grading the road and dustproofing.
It was suggested that the township require residents to mark their dustproofing area
requested in the future.
Patrolman compensation was discussed regarding his 80 - 90 hours of overtime, prepping for
dustproofing and graveling. After discussion on the topic it was decided Chairman Zvolena
would suggest to the patrolman that he be given time off for the number of hours of overtime
as opposed to extra pay for it. The time off should be taken when it works well for the
township; i.e., during the slow times.
Information received regarding WE Energies regulator was reviewed. Permission and an
easement from the landowners is needed first before the township could issue a conditional
use permit.
G. Santilli made a motion to appoint Kathleen Wolf as Clerk, filling the position until April,
2019. This was seconded by L. Plaskey. Motion carried. L. Plaskey made a motion to appoint
Karen Santilli as Deputy Clerk at a pay rate of $15 per hour for training Kathleen for the Clerk
position as needed. This was seconded by J. Zvolena. Motion carried.
Karen made up a draft of a new building permit, simplifying the previous permit.
Jesse Zvolena will review the draft. Karen suggested it could be put on the website in the
future for easy access for downloading. Jesse noted a zoning chairperson is still needed.
Culvert issues were discussed - some are rotted on the bottom. P. Bugar will provide written
estimate of costs for sizes needed.
The financial report was distributed by the treasurer. All invoices were reviewed and approved
for payment after a motion by G. Santilli and seconded by L. Plaskey. Motion carried.
The next board meeting will be July 19. Meeting adjourned after a motion by G. Santilli and
seconded by J. Zvolena.
K. Wolf, Clerk


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